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//Metabolic Prime Review – Will Jade Teta’s Program Work For You?

Metabolic Prime ReviewFor some time now, being fit has been the new thing. It’s not just so you can have a fantastic body but being fit plays an important role in overall health and preventing diseases such as heart attack and diabetes. This has been an ongoing problem in us older or as I like to say “experienced” folks. With age, our metabolism supposedly slows down in which this has led people to come up with ways that could help us lose weight. There are so many diet fads out there and nearly 80% of them won’t work. Well I will say that they won’t work for me! So when we heard about Metabolic Prime and the great promises by Dr. Teta, we knew the only way to find out the truth behind it was literally taking action and giving it a good old college try. In this Metabolic Prime review, we answer all your questions and tell you whether it is something worth your time or not. Let’s begin!


What Exactly is Metabolic Prime?

Developed by Dr. Jade Teta, Metabolic Prime is a highly advanced workout program centered around metabolic priming activators (MPA’s) designed to help anyone looking to burn fat and shape muscle by using micro-burst workouts. Although anyone can use it, it’s main demographics is aimed at the people over 35 years. The program uses a unique kind of workout that makes it easy to lose fat and get toned. As opposed to methods that only offer traditional ways of losing fat, this one by Dr. Jade uses intelligent exercises. These movements are not only smarter and faster but also require less effort to make your body do what you want it to.

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The program uses a special workout strategy known as metabolic micro-bursts. These took us 45 seconds to perform as advertised but you will need a more than a hour a week to get the desired results if you are like me and need a bit more rest in between workouts. The special exercise movements enable you to optimize metabolism and hence increase fat burning during your workout and increase the usage of fats after workout. This took a little getting used to. The workouts also preserve lean muscle mass and generally improve health. This seems on par with most workouts.


What Exactly do you get for your money?

Metabolic Prime reviews 300xIn simplest terms, metabolic prime can be described as a blueprint to fitness for the guys over 35 years. The program promises breakthrough exercise discovery which will allow you to turn back the clock, literally speaking. In the words of Dr. Jade Teta, the program enables you to turn on your “teenage genes again”. By doing this, you get to reactivate the 5 body-shaping age-defying molecules you used to have before as a teenager. For you to achieve this, it is important that you exercise in a new and hyper-efficient method which Dr. Jade calls Metabolic Micro Bursts. This definitely takes some getting used to.

Through working out in a genuinely different manner, (mine took 20-25 minutes a day as opposed to the 15 minutes advertised), this method reactivates these 5 Metabolic Priming Activator (MPA) molecules in your body.

  1. MPA 1: IL-15 Responsible for body shaping: This molecule burns lots of fats, and defines and shapes your body through enhancing bone and muscle density. The only way that you will be able to re-ignite the molecule is by exercising in metabolic micro bursts. (tough at first)
  2. MPA 2: Nitric Oxide: The nitric oxide dilates your blood vessels which in turn allow more oxygen and nutrients to get into all parts of your body.
  3. MPA 3: Lactic Acid: This is the youth hormone activator and it increases the production of testosterone in your body if you are a male. For the ladies, this molecule helps you release more HGH hormone. This is the hormone that does fat burning and defies age. I could use more of this!
  4. MPA 4: IL-6: This molecule is known as the fat cell liberator and it gets transformed by micro burst training. In other words, the molecule causes your body’s fat cells to release their grip on unwanted lard, enabling your body to use it up for fuel.
  5. MPA 5: IL-8: Also called the blood vessel savior, this molecule repairs the blood vessels and also helps construct new ones. Because of this, nutrients and oxygen can flow more easily round your body. This leads to leaner and a much more improved physique.


Who is Metabolic Prime For?

Metabolic prime is designed primarily for men and women who have already celebrated their 35th birthdays. Being that I am 51, this was right up my alley. It is also good for those of us who needs some rejuvenation. You see, most of us don’t believe that there is anything we can do about the different factors of aging. But nothing can be further from the truth. You can drop weight and have more energy, drive and fun even if you are 60! Metabolic prime is for people who just need a little help that are older in age. So if you are past 30 and you think there is nothing you can do about your weight, you had need to first and foremost stop playing victim and think again.

Who is Dr. Jade Teta and why should you believe him?

Reviews of Dr Jade TetaTo find out info on Dr. Teta, I had to really dig deep into the internet. He is a renowned health expert who seems to really need no introduction even though I had never heard of him. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from North Carolina State University and also has a doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle. Many people call Bastyr University “the Harvard of natural medicine.” Dr. Teta has worked as a personal trainer for more than 25 years. During that time, he has given over 10,000 personal training sessions and boasts an impressive array of celebrity clients. He is also the creator of the now tried and tested Rest-Best training method.

The Pros of Metabolic Prime

  • Money back guaranteeFirst and foremost it has a 90 day money back guarantee. That means you can actually try it at no expense. Looking online, I hadn’t seen one complaint about anyone having trouble getting money back from Natural Health Sherpa, LLC.
  • It’s specifically designed for people just like me at 51 years of age.
  • It’s fast: you don’t have to waste countless hours at the gym doing exercises you don’t know how they will help you. You don’t need running or swimming in order to lose weight. You just need to perform 45-second micro bursts and you will be on your way to fitness.
  • Kinder to your body compared to traditional workouts.
  • If your body is aging and you choose to do nothing about it, you are inviting all types of diseases. These include type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer among other diseases. But if you switch to the above molecules, you will literally be lowering the instances of these modern day diseases.
  • Fun and simple to use: it is without doubt one of the best workout programs for individuals over 30 years.

The Cons

If you have been enslaved to the gym for the best part of your life, you are not going to believe that there is a faster, smarter and more intelligent way of losing weight. You won’t believe that by exercising for just less than an hour a week, you can attain that perfect body that you have always dreamed of. But the truth is that Metabolic Prime works.

The Bottom Line About my Metabolic Prime Review

Dr. Jade Teta’s Metabolic Prime training method is a godsend to people who want to lose weight. It does not require all of your time but just an hour in a week. You don’t have to set aside lots of hours for exercises. It is also fun and simple to use and above all, very effective. Those who have sued it swear that they dropped weight in 72 hours. Unbelievable!

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