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//Metabolic Kick-Starter Review – Will Craig Ballantyne’s Program Work for You?

Metabolic Kick-Starter Main Manual Review

Losing weight is supposed to be hard. Right? It’s supposed to take a lot of effort, willpower, exercise, and healthy meals. Plus, you have to manage stress, think about your fat-burning hormones, and plan your activities based around your diet. It is a lot of work that takes up a lot of time. And not only is it hard to stick to, but when a hardcore diet doesn’t pay off – and it usually doesn’t – the whole diet can get thrown out the window.

But what if there was a shortcut to help you lose the weight? What if there was a lazy way to lose weight that didn’t require all that hard work. I’m not talking about laying on the couch, snacking, and avoiding exercise, but I am talking about losing weight in a way that doesn’t soak up all your time and energy.

This Metabolic Kickstarter review will give you insight into one program that claims it can give you the weight loss without the effort. As a side note, they do say that you don’t have to eat kale, but if you are like me and you like kale, don’t worry, you can still include that in your meal plan.


What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get a blueprint for an easy way to lose weight. The really hard way to lose weight will get you the results you see in the fitness magazines, the hard will get you results until you stop dieting, but the easy way to lose weight will get you the results that you actually want – permanent weight loss, better health, and more time with your family.Metabolic-Kickstarter-examplevideos1

This program combines food and movement to help you burn fat all day long. It doesn’t matter if you are reading, exercising, or just lying in bed – your body will become more of a fat-burning machine and your weight loss will be much easier. The premise is that when you diet the hard way (the way most of us diet), your metabolism slows down to a crawl, and fat loss becomes very hard. But when you diet the easy way, your metabolism speeds up and helps make fat loss easy.

As far as exercise goes, the program is based around 25 different workouts that only take a few minutes to do. These workouts promote fat burn for the whole day – which is known as the afterburn effect – by helping your body to make hormonal and biochemical changes.

You will also get access to a bonus called Metabolic Kick-Start Movement Boost, which are videos that show you exactly how to do each workout so you do them correctly.

And, you will get another bonus about how to eat in a lazy way. The plan will help you swap out your normal food with some foods that help boost fat burn. Once you know which foods promote fat burn and which do not, you can easily make your diet into one that boosts your metabolism at every meal and helps you lose weight.


Who Is It For?

While doing the metabolic kick-starter review, we quickly discovered that this diet program is for everyone who struggles with losing weight. Why? Because the people who kick ass at keeping their body tight and skinny are the people who work hours every day at the gym and eat a very strict diet. They don’t need an easy way because everything they do revolves around working out and eating right.

The majority of us, though, don’t have time to work out hours a day and eat very specific foods. We have family, eat supper out at unhealthy places, enjoy the occasional snack, don’t want to work out for the majority of our lives, but still want to lose weight, feel great, and experience good health. We want to do it the lazy way!

About The Author

craig ballantyne reviewsCatherine Gordon is a 51-year-old mom who was once overweight and believed that was the way that life was going to be. But when she was confronted with an uncomfortable situation that left her feeling older than she was, she decided to do something about her weight and health once and for all. She tried the hard way first, but it didn’t work. Then she saw a method of losing weight by Craig Ballantyne, editor of Earl To Rise, and that is when her life transformed. Craig is the man who inspired this system and who developed it. Craig ballantyne reviews seem to be pretty consistent. He is a strength and conditioning coach that lives in Toronto. Doing my research on Craig Ballantyne, I came across a few publications that he has been in. This includes, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, GQ, Fitness Hers, and surprisingly National Geographic.

The Pros

  • Get lasting results without a lot of effort
  • No suffering or sacrificing involved to lose weight
  • Learn how to boost your metabolism and burn off more fat with less effort
  • All it takes is 10 minutes to boost your metabolism
  • Build lean muscles as you lose fat
  • No more long hours of cardio that soak up so much of your week
  • No more fat loss plateaus
  • No weights or equipment required
  • Can perform all workouts at home with very little space
  • Instantly downloadablemoney-back-guarantee
  • Free to try out the program for 2 weeks
  • 60-day money back guarantee

The Cons

  • You don’t get anything physical in the mail. The great thing is you get immediate access and all the videos are in HD.
  • Doesn’t work as fast for weight loss as working your ass off will
  • Self Driven, but it does include charts to help keep yourself accountable.


The Bottom Line

At first, when we were doing this Metabolic Kick-starter review, we thought the program was by Catherine, but it’s actually created by Craig. Catherine is a witness to how well it works, and seems to be a huge advocate of Craig’s. But she’s not alone.

Craig has a huge social following and a lot of success with his products and sites. He knows what he is talking about, gets results for his clients, and is a guy that you want to listen to.

Plus, the word ‘lazy’ doesn’t hurt when it comes to weight loss. That’s because ‘struggle’ is usually the word that comes to mind when you think about losing weight. Nobody wants to struggle – and it turns out that struggling is actually a bad thing for weight loss anyway, so it’s time we all learn the ‘lazy’ way to lose weight.

Try out the Metabolic Kick-starter program for 2 weeks at no cost. In fact, try out the program for 2 months if you want. There is a 60-day money back guarantee that ensures you are going to see results or get every dime you paid back. Thanks for reading our Metabolic Kick-Starter Review site


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