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I have a masters of science in Exercise and Sports Science. I review many products dealing with Health, Fitness, and overall wellness.

Metabolic Prime Review – Will Jade Teta’s Program Work For You?

For some time now, being fit has been the new thing. It’s not just so you can have a fantastic body but being fit plays an important role in overall health and preventing diseases such as heart attack and diabetes. This has been an ongoing problem in us older or as I like to say [...]

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Metabolic Kick-Starter Review – Will Craig Ballantyne’s Program Work for You?

Losing weight is supposed to be hard. Right? It's supposed to take a lot of effort, willpower, exercise, and healthy meals. Plus, you have to manage stress, think about your fat-burning hormones, and plan your activities based around your diet. It is a lot of work that takes up a lot of time. And not [...]

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